Leather Care

All of the TM girls are handmade with love, using carefully selected, high quality leather, suede or hair on hide. As you know, being all natural means the pieces are completely unique and may have their own little variations in colour and texture.

The sun can be a bit harsh on the leather, drying it out and changing its colour, so be a good friend and don’t let her sunbake for too long! (No, sunscreen doesn’t work… we tried.)

You’ll also want to be careful using pens around her (not to mention cooking, putting makeup on… all those things that usually make a mess!) as the ink and other stains can soak beneath the surface, and once that happens, it’s there to stay!

Just like your own skin, scratches will hurt, so use a gentle touch and think before dropping her on any old surface. If the leather or fabric gets wet, it’s not the end of the world, so don’t panic -- just put her aside safely to air dry (keeping the natural shape). We know it’s hard to be patient, but trust us and stay away from that hair dryer!

PS She’ll be forever grateful if you use some leather protector and give her a clean at least yearly. Oh, but if she’s made of cowhide, stick to spot cleaning with mild soap and only if necessary!



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